This is where my “splash of colour” comes to life! Insights Discovery© is a market-leading practical and versatile personality profiling tool which is used world-wide to help both individuals and team improve their self-awareness. Using the language of colour (fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green & cool blue), it helps us understand our preferences around how we prefer to work, build relationships, communicate and make decisions.

From individual coaching sessions and 1:1 de-briefs, to half day or full day highly interactive and engaging workshops, it helps individuals and teams to find a common language, appreciate their landscape, identify who brings what to the party and understand how they can get the best out of themselves and the teams they are part of.

"Insights has not only changed the way I work but the way our whole team works. The awareness it has given to areas I have not even considered is fantastic and once we could see this for the whole team there was a noticeable step up in our performance."

Graham Chambers, Director of People and Culture, Kaleidoscope Collection.

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